Is “The Social Dilemma” a ploy by Netflix to eradicate competition, once and for all?

A lot of us share the sentiment of wanting to be social and yet grapple with the universal social media addiction. It is no revelation that social media is as creepy as it is enjoyable, if not more. However, Jeff Orlowski’s documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” highlights that social media does not merely have negative elements […]

Will technology ever be replaced?

When you think of technology, you may get the idea of gadgets and machines and modern amenities. However, technology is simply the application of scientific knowledge in a practical way to reap some benefits for humankind. This applied knowledge can be in the form of a process, skill, method, or technique that results in goods […]

FB advertisement is the shining star for your e-commerce business

Advertisement on Social Media There are a number of social media platforms present today offering an array of services to its users. This has provided us with an abundance of options when it comes to advertising on social media.  There are several factors to be considered when deciding the best advertisement platform for your business. […]

Future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and trends!

Since the advent of computers, they have gripped us in previously unknown ways. The computing prowess and the endless possibilities of such devices left us fascinated. However, technology shows no sign of slowing down, and the next big thing to hit the planet is IoT. Internet of Things as it is commonly known reflects on […]

TikTok Alternatives for Keeping Your Short Video Making Fun Alive

Imagine waking up the next day and finding out that TikTok is no more. You will run tantrums all over the place as you think of how your TikTok influencing career died overnight. Well, to avoid this, you need to get updated on other alternative means to create short videos and ensure your content flows […]

The Faulty Algorithm That Plagues American Transportation

What is ‘Travel Demand Models’ Roads and other transportation projects are decided by travel demand models that are designed to determine travel problems of varying sizes and types. They can be designed to address whether or not a small suburban avenue should get revamped or if another lane should be added to a highway. The […]

Universe Unsolved: Dead Stars Have The Answers

500 Million years quest A picture showing a couple of distorted stars has left scientists all over the world to dig deep as to what its collision will result in. They anticipate that a similar case will occur 500 million years through a system called PSR J1913+1102. This is whereby a pair of neutron stars […]


Fortnite Battle Royale as a way of connecting during the pandemic

Fortnite Battle Royale, developed by Epic Games, has become one of the most popular video games since it was released in 2017. The game counts a number of celebrities amongst its users, like the rapper Drake, and the DJ Marshmello, which contributes further to the popularity of the game. As one of the highest revenue-earning […]

Global Gaming Industry and the banning culture

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has shown no sign of decline. Despite the COVID outbreak in early 2020 and the world moving towards a recession, the gaming industry has shown signs of resisting the trend. The industry has benefited from the lockdown in all earnest as people had more time at […]

Can you make money by playing/reviewing video games?

The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and you can certainly get a part of this pie. It may not be easy to gain a foothold earning while playing games, but it for sure is rewarding. Playing video games has been a favored past time for many since the days of Nintendo and even […]

The legendary rivalry between playing on PC or PlayStation (ps4)

Recently, all gamers have been wondering: What´s better? Playing on a game console or on a computer? Which one has more quality, more fluidity, more playability? In conclusion, which one do you enjoy the most? Which is the most worthwhile? And the million-dollar question, on which of the two am I going to spend all […]

Reasons Why PUBG Mobile is the Breaking All Records in Mobile Gaming

PUBG has seen to grow to a pop culture icon in the gaming industry ever since its launch in 2017. You get to play it with many people across the globe by linking each other online. It is a worldwide sensation that grew to be among the best Battle Royale games ever created. It beats […]

Find Out Why The Number Of Pieces Advertised On Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes Is Almost Always A Lie

It all started with a 1 smart kid A few weeks ago, Patrick Honner, who is an award-winning math teacher, posted a realization on Twitter. His 7-year-old had just realized discovered that their 300-piece jigsaw puzzle was made out of 324 pieces as it was in an 18 x 18 format. Calculating number of pieces – DIY […]

Sonic Hedgehog: The Gene Responsible for the Human Structure

Is Sonic running inside our bodies at the moment? Sonic the Hedgehog is a famous movie loved by both adults and kids across the globe. Thinking of the name as part of a gene inside your body probably might have never crossed your mind. The fact that scientists named it after a fiction animal character […]


Learning to Code at the Age of 30: A True Pleasure

Do you know that contrary to the popular belief, adolescence is not the singular most effective period for skill learning and acquisition? Research shows that both adolescence and adulthood are the most efficient periods for the acquisition of a new skill.  Coding as a skill Coding is one of those skills that has caught the […]

Do I Need To Know Programming For A Cybersecurity Job?

Cybersecurity jobs do not need you to know to program but know networking and OS administration. You will only have to get access to a device and stop an active cyber-attack at work on rare instances and in most cases never. So do not beat yourself up and try to apply for that programming class […]

How A Coding Boot Camp Opens a Floodgate of Opportunities For You

Coding boot camps have become very popular in the recent past where so far close to 18,000 graduates have benefited. Coding boot camps are important because they practically introduce the basic concepts that are involved in programming. The coding skills support artificial intelligence by allowing individuals to assess the quality of codes thereby picking modern […]

Scientist Spends Decades Creating A Catalog Of Man-Made Objects That Are In Space

A man-made map of man-made objects in space A space history enthusiast and astronomer who’s known as Jonathan McDowell just created a database that he calls GCAT, which means General Catalog of Artificial Space Objects. This open-source catalog is the most detailed work of its kind ever compiled as it details everything from spacecraft, satellites […]

Coding In The 1800s? The Inspiring Story Of Ada Lovelace As The First Computer Programmer

Against all odds Changing the world in the 19th century was hard and having to be a woman in the field of mathematics, science and engineering wasn’t a walk in the park. Ada Lovelace had beaten the odds of time when she became the first programmer that ever lived. She was only miles away into […]

Overcoming Feelings Of Inadequacy About Your Code AKA Programmer Imposter Syndrome

It happens to everyone There comes a time in every programmer’s life where he or she feels underqualified for the job at hand. You look at the accomplishments of others and measure themselves and find yourself wanting. To make matters worse, you constantly feel as if you are falling behind with the new frameworks and […]


The First Comic to Choose for Your Kid!

Comic books have been a source of entertainment and fun for people of all ages. In recent years, we’ve seen movie directors bring those comic book stories to the big screen; something that has been widely liked by the hardcore fans. If you’re thinking of getting your child hooked on reading comics, this post discusses […]

In Spain the Marvel comic culture and the lemon, have a very close relationship.

The comic is a popular form of culture of singular importance in Spain. Converted during the 1940s into the main form of popular entertainment, it has radically evolved over the last 70 years, adapting to both commercial and artistic needs from profound structural changes in the industrial fabric created around it. Who is Salva Espin? […]

The First Comic to Get Hooked On As an Adult

Comic books have been around for quite some time now and have been entertaining people since the 1930s. They’ve now moved onto the big screen as well, with countless movies and television shows filmed every year based on those comic books.  Comic Book Publishers  Hundreds of comic books are published every month. Common and most […]

How Have Fans Responded To Robert Pattinson As New Batman

B for BUZZ The reveal of the new Batman as Robert Pattison has received many reactions on social media. Twitter has steered this buzz by having the most reactions shared by its users. It’s trending and thousands of tweets said something on the matter with numerous hashtags referring to Robert Pattinson and The Batman igniting […]

How is Black Adam Progressing – The New Dwayne Johnson Movie

The first appearance Comic books have lived to come to life on our screens after the creation of many productions over the years. Black Adam first appeared in The Marvel Family and the character is set to feature in Shazam’s world as an antihero. Dwayne Johnson is set to play the part as Black Adam […]

A Few Fun Facts About Marvel’s Spider-Woman

The history of Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman If you only know Marvel characters from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), you need to read the comics because you will miss out on some great storylines. One of the best storylines you will miss out on if you’ve just watched the movies is the one about Jessica […]


The First Comic to Choose for Your Kid!


In Spain the Marvel comic culture and the


The First Comic to Get Hooked On As


Learning to Code at the Age of 30:


Do I Need To Know Programming For A


How A Coding Boot Camp Opens a Floodgate


Is “The Social Dilemma” a ploy by Netflix


Will technology ever be replaced?


FB advertisement is the shining star for your


Fortnite Battle Royale as a way of connecting


Global Gaming Industry and the banning culture


Can you make money by playing/reviewing video games?