Will technology ever be replaced?


When you think of technology, you may get the idea of gadgets and machines and modern amenities. However, technology is simply the application of scientific knowledge in a practical way to reap some benefits for humankind. This applied knowledge can be in the form of a process, skill, method, or technique that results in goods or services production. 

This simple definition of technology is both comprehensive and intriguing in a sense; it captures what technology is and what it looks to accomplish in the future. Simple investigation skills result in the betterment of humans, and this technology is not just gadgets, computers, and systems but an ideology that looks to remain forever with us. 

The Past, Present, and Future of Technology

The definitions mentioned above regarding technology insists on a one-way trajectory for technology. Since the advent of scientific discovery and honing scientific investigation as a way of living, humans have closely relied on it for their future survival. From conserving the planet to achieving breakthroughs in all walks of life, technology has always been at the forefront of human existence. 

Is it even a viable question?

The question of whether technology will ever be replaced seems far-fetched at best. It is not because we know everything about our future, but because the future will have some sort of technology intact. The reversal of scientific discovery and knowledge is something humans cannot fathom. All the amenities and luxuries of life have been afforded by the knowledge we have amassed over the years. 

Giving up on the luxuries and the way of life as we know it is simply unthinkable. Hence, the question ‘will technology ever be replaced?’ seems a moot point. It doesn’t hold any sway; instead, the opposite of this inquiry may have a worrisome outlook. That question is whether humans will be replaced by technology in the near future?

Will Technology replace humans?

Since we have established that technology is going nowhere as it is for the betterment of humans themselves, we now look for a similar inquiry. This inquiry has been the talk of the town since stuff such as Artificial Intelligence became more common knowledge. The advent of AI and logarithms that control some aspects of our living have put humans under considerable stress.

The industrial revolution saw humans becoming redundant thanks to machines. Now, computers are taking over jobs such as data entry and even analytical ones thanks to more powerful thinking computers. So the question that really should be asked now is whether we will be redundant in the near future or hold our place in the natural order of the world. 

The betterment of human life comes from knowledge, and scientific expertise is at the heart of such a beneficial arrangement. So it is easy to say, technology is here to stay, but the methods and forms may vary in years to come.