Apple Aims to Become Carbon Neutral- How It Impacts the Environment?

Apple has made an obligation to become 100% carbon-neutral across its whole industry and manufacturing supply chain within the next ten years.

Is “The Social Dilemma” a ploy by Netflix to eradicate competition, once and for all?

For quite a while now, the dangers of Social media have been investigated and The Social Dilemma is the one film that will open your eyes to what is really going on.

Will technology ever be replaced?

A couple of decades ago, the Terminator painted a bleak picture of what the future might look like, but as we progress and develop technology, one has to wonder when everything is going to implode.

FB advertisement is the shining star for your e-commerce business

Facebook use to be a place where friends and acquaintances met up and caught up, but their advertisement structure has turned it into an e-commerce marketing goldmine.

Future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and trends!

The internet is an ever-changing machine that the world is connected to and when we look at the Internet of Things and current trends, the future looks tremendous.

TikTok Alternatives for Keeping Your Short Video Making Fun Alive

As the US government is pushing for TikTok and WeChat to be banned of US app stores, here are some alternatives that will keep you making those short funnies.

The Faulty Algorithm That Plagues American Transportation

American traffic and transportation is a nightmare in some cities, but the traffic jams are not just there because of increasing vehicle numbers, bur rather a faulty algorithm.


Highest Paying Jobs For Avid Gamers & The Biggest Influencers

Gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry, rivalling the movie and music business. Being an enormous enterprise, it offers many job opportunities for gaming enthusiasts. For the avid gamer, pursuing a career in this field would most certainly be a dream job. Whether you are a DOTA fan or can’t resist the action-packed Fortnite, nothing […]

Fortnite Battle Royale as a way of connecting during the pandemic

Fortnite took the world by storm a couple of years ago, but during the global COVID-19 pandemic it became a way for millions of people across the globe to connect.

Global Gaming Industry and the banning culture

Back in the day, bullies and cheaters had a physical presence, but in the online gaming world they have a cyber presence and the only way to get rid of them is through banishment.

Can you make money by playing/reviewing video games?

For many people, playing games have transcended from being a pastime or hobby to a full-time job but how did they make the leap and how much can one make playing games?

The legendary rivalry between playing on PC or PlayStation (ps4)

For years there has been a rivalry between PC and PS gamers and with the next generation consoles on the way this classic rivalry just got a whole more heated.

Reasons Why PUBG Mobile is the Breaking All Records in Mobile Gaming

Move over Fortnite, because PUBG mobile is the new Battle Royale king and they are breaking a bunch of records in mobile gaming and here is why.

Find Out Why The Number Of Pieces Advertised On Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes Is Almost Always A Lie

If you have ever bought a puzzle and wondered whether you actually built a 3000-piece monster and made the effort to count the pieces, you might have found that you were cheated.


Learning to Code at the Age of 30: A True Pleasure

If you have ever dabbled in the art of coding then you will have come to realize that it is not that difficult to master, not to mention the money you could make be doing it properly.

Do I Need To Know Programming For A Cybersecurity Job?

Knowing how to program in cyber security is like the difference between a sous chef and a home chef, both can do the job, but the sous chef is just so much better.

How A Coding Boot Camp Opens a Floodgate of Opportunities For You

To learn how to code does not need to take forever, especially when go on a coding bootcamp to set you straight and cramming your brain with knowledge in a short period of time.

Scientist Spends Decades Creating A Catalog Of Man-Made Objects That Are In Space

Ever since we started to explore outer space, there have been quite a few expeditions, so much so that scientists had to spend decades to catalogue all the stuff we put up there.

Coding In The 1800s? The Inspiring Story Of Ada Lovelace As The First Computer Programmer

If you think that Bill Gates was one of the first programmers, then you have not heard about Ada Lovelace and the history of the true first computer programmer of the 1800s


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: The Biggest Rivalries In The DC Comic Book Universe

Some of the greatest and most memorable rivalries.

The First Comic to Choose for Your Kid!

Any comic book fan will remember that first comic that they bought and now that the time has come to pass on the tradition, picking the right comic for your kid is crucial.

In Spain the Marvel comic culture and the lemon, have a very close relationship.

When you got to Spain and engage in the Marvel culture of the locals, you will soon find that there is a close relationship between the Marvel fans and lemons.

The First Comic to Get Hooked On As an Adult

If you think that comic books are just for nerds and teens, think again because there are some serious titles out there that will blow your adult mind.

How Have Fans Responded To Robert Pattinson As New Batman

How Have Fans Responded To Robert Pattinson As New Batman After Christian Bale took over the cowl of the Bat, not many people believed that there would ever be an equal, until Robert Pattinson stepped into the rink.

How is Black Adam Progressing – The New Dwayne Johnson Movie

It’s about time that The Rock was inducted into the DC comic universe of characters and the guys over at Marvel must be kicking themselves for not reigning him in.