It’s Unusual and Yet It’s a Great Collaboration – PS5 and Nike 


If ever there was a match made in heaven, it would be Nike and PS5. Both brands have been acclaimed for being innovators in their respective fields and lead the charge with design and functionality. This year, the Trio of Nike, PS5 and Paul George collaborated on a pair of sneakers, the PG5, and the result was sublime.

PS5 designer, Yujin Morisawa was at the helm of the project and was responsible for the inspirational colors and a large part of the cosmetic detail that went into the shoes. The result of the collaboration was a well-crafted sneaker, fit to be the envy of any basketball fan.

Previous history and design

Although the new sneaker is something to behold, it is not the first time that Sony and Nike have worked together. In 2018, the companies took part in a similar collaboration attempt and created the PG2s and PG2.5. The PG2.5s design was inspired by the original PlayStation console, giving the shoe a retro feel, but with modern comfort and appeal. The shoe was based on the original grey console color and paid homage to the grandfather of the PS with the original logo, printed on the left tongue of the shoe.

What made this even more special was the fact that the logo would light up when pressed. The right shoe’s tongue was fitted with a Paul George logo that would also light up when you pressed the power button on the inside of the tongue.

The Nike Swooshes and lace loops were characterized by the PS symbol’s undertones, and the patent leather that wrapped over the midsole was decorated with the controller’s signature X, triangle, square and circle symbols. Even the Velcro strips themselves were decorated with symbols. 

According to Nike, the lifespan of the lights in the tongues of the shoes was around 150 hours and when the batteries died, there was no way to charge them further. For those people who managed to let their batteries run out, there was always the option to manually get the batteries out, but that meant tinkering with the shoe. 

The new and improved version

Unlike the PG 2.5, the PG5s are inspired by the new PS5’s industrial look. With the previous shoes, the trademark symbols of the PS controllers were only printed on the midsole strap, but the PG5s bring detail to a new level. The traditional square, circle, triangle, and cross are physically woven into the fabric. Whereas the right shoe features a PS logo on the tongue, the left shoe features the Paul George logo.

This collaboration was again initiated by George who is a die-hard fan of the Japanese console producer. After the success of the release of the PS5, it only seemed fitting that a new collaboration needed to be undertaken. The console itself did not make the design and inspiration of the shoe difficult either. 

At first glance, it is easy to see the influence of the PS5 as the uppers incorporate the colors of the console and being predominantly white, black and blue. Although the heel tab deviates from the PS5 wording, the PG5 writing is stylized in the PlayStation font. 

Recent announcement

Paul George did not mince words or drop hints as to what was in the pipeline. After the release of the PS5, it was only a matter of time before George would take to his favorite creative past times again. George wrote a post on the PlayStation blog in which he confirmed the release of the newest PG5s and mentioned that the designer of the PS5, Yujin Morisawa, would be the one who would bring the look of the PS5 to the sneaker.

George also mentioned that the shoes would be available in selected regions from May 14. What he did not mention was how many of these iconic shoes would be manufactured. For all the die-hard fans of the shoes and PlayStation, he mentioned that regular updates on the shoes would be posted on the Nike SNKRS app. 

Looking at the PG shoe itself

The Nike PG sneaker itself is not all about the looks. The PG shoe is among the most functional and comfortable basketball sneakers around. Nike has spared no expense in designing and perfecting the ergonomics of the shoe. That being said, these bad boys were designed with Paul George and his style of playing in mind.

First off, the PG5s combine the agile low-top profile that George prefers with the signature Nike Air Strobel cushioning. For that extra bit of lift and responsiveness, the full-length air cushion is stitched directly to the upper. This gives the shoe that extra bit of bounce right under the foot, making you feel as though you are walking on the clouds. 

Practical features

Nike pulled out all the stops when they designed the PG5s and wanted to craft a shoe that would take George’s game into consideration. The shoe is lightweight and incorporates a full-length Nike Dot Weld Strobel that gives the shoe impeccable cushioning that lasts. These shoes are made to last and maintain their flexibility and cushioning even during a long season on the court.

The soles of these shoes are out of this world and provide unparalleled traction due to the multi-directional thread pattern. This allows for quick and effective stop and goes control for a fast-paced game. 

The PGs have come a long way

The PG has come a long way since the first design in 2017. From the very beginning, the PG 1 had a diverse game in mind, making it easy for players to transition from offense to defense. These shoes were made for players who needed responsiveness and comfort due to the diversity in their game. With every version of the shoe came a new bit of tech. They have seen everything from a pull-down strap to a full-length zip. This year’s PG5s seem to have built on that winning recipe and going forward, things can only get better. Now we only have to wait for the PS6 for a new special edition.