The First Comic to Choose for Your Kid!


Comic books have been a source of entertainment and fun for people of all ages. In recent years, we’ve seen movie directors bring those comic book stories to the big screen; something that has been widely liked by the hardcore fans. If you’re thinking of getting your child hooked on reading comics, this post discusses the very first one you should choose for your kid. 

Why Children Should Read Comics

With the wide range of gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile phones, we understand it can be hard to develop the healthy habit of reading. We believe the best way to help your child develop a habit of reading is by introducing them to the world of comics.

Comic books will intrigue and pique your child’s interest; with the pictures, it’ll be much easier to understand the story and the situation the characters are going through. While many parents think comic books only contain violence and bloodshed, comic books are actually action-packed with elements of love, friendship, sacrifice, and plenty of moral lessons that are important for children.

‘The Galactus trilogy’, a good comic to start with

Common Choices for Kids

There are a plethora of comic books and comic book publishers from which you can choose from. Some of the most common and most-loved include Batman and Superman from DC Comics, Spiderman and Daredevil from Marvel Comics, and Hellboy from the Dark Horse Comics. These publishers print and publish several riveting and thought-provoking comic books every month that help them retain their customers. 

The First Comic Book to Choose For Your Kid

While the above common choices are great, they’re not the ones you want your kid to start off with. The first comic book should come with the perfect blend of action and thrill along with a moral lesson at the end; something that helps your kid grow. 

This is why we’ve picked Marvel’s “The Fantastic Four: Galactus trilogy”. This 3 issue saga – written and drawn by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby – is one of the most admired comic books of all time. The comic introduced new characters who have played pivotal roles in the following comics and storylines. This trilogy also laid the basis for future cosmic adventures within the Marvel universe.

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The comic book introduces us to the silver surfer who is scouring the universe looking for planets that his master can consume during which he finds Earth and sends a signal to his master. On earth, a group of superheroes – known as the Fantastic four – face the silver surfer and proceed to defeat him. However, shortly after, Galactus “the devourer of worlds” appears before the heroes. The Fantastic four begin fighting but quickly realize they don’t stand a chance against him. Ultimately, the heroes get hold of an all-powerful secret weapon and strike a deal with Galactus who agrees to leave earth.

The beautiful story revolves around redemption and shows how even the worst people can change, become better, and learn to love. It also teaches you how you should stand firm even in the toughest of conditions and against the strongest adversary.

The Galactus trilogy is an amazing comic book to get your child hooked on to. With Stan Lee and Jack Kirby doing a remarkable job writing such thought-provoking dialogue and drawing such awe-inspiring art, this one is highly recommended.