FB advertisement is the shining star for your e-commerce business


Advertisement on Social Media

There are a number of social media platforms present today offering an array of services to its users. This has provided us with an abundance of options when it comes to advertising on social media. 

There are several factors to be considered when deciding the best advertisement platform for your business. Taking a look at those factors can help in deciding the best platform to reach the targeted market via advertising. For instance, if you’re a headhunter looking for qualified candidates for a specific job, your best place of advertisement would be LinkedIn. 

The new ‘Facebook Shops’

Facebook Advertisement for E-commerce

With 3.1 billion active monthly users and 1.79 billion among them logging on to Facebook daily there’s no argument that Facebook is indeed the best advertisement platform for e-commerce businesses. Multiple arguments can be made proving that Facebook advertising is the best platform for e-commerce business. Let’s state a few:

Re-Marketing Has Never Been This Easier

Facebook offers dynamic ads to promote relevant items across any device. If you don’t already know, this can be the highest ROI strategy that your e-commerce site could utilize. Dynamic product ads basically make it easier to re-target potential consumers that abandon their carts. 

The best part over here is that you aren’t required to create ads for each product present in your catalog. The dynamic ad template will take images, pricing, and relevant product information to create a customer base depending upon products that they viewed, added to the cart previously, or even purchased. 

Multi-Products Ads

This unique feature of products allows advertisers to display multiple product images in one ad unit. These ads can be displayed on both desktop and mobile news feed. This way the advertiser is able to show multiple relevant products in one single ad. 

The benefit over here for E-commerce advertisers is to give their potential consumers more than one thing to pick and choose from. This can also facilitate in increasing their conversions. This also helps e-commerce brands in increasing their click-through-rate. This can also help e-commerce businesses in more efficient cost per acquisition and helped them in cost reduction due to higher engagement.

Best Data Optimization

Facebook has algorithms and systems in place that allow for best data optimizations that hugely works in favor of e-commerce businesses. Your business can install a conversion tracking pixel. It is a small snippet code that can help you in tracking your consumer’s behavior on the site. The systems in place at Facebook will be able to optimize your campaigns through this data obtained from conversion tracking pixels. 

E-commerce brands can also place this tracking pixel on their checkout pages to measures their ROI. 

There are just a few of the benefits that E-commerce businesses can obtain from using Facebook advertising to target their potential customers. Try one of the above-mentioned strategies and let us know!