How is Black Adam Progressing – The New Dwayne Johnson Movie


The first appearance

Comic books have lived to come to life on our screens after the creation of many productions over the years. Black Adam first appeared in The Marvel Family and the character is set to feature in Shazam’s world as an antihero. Dwayne Johnson is set to play the part as Black Adam and we are yearning to see his charisma on screen and skillful acting character after the smashing teaser trailer release on DC FanDome.

The change of power in the DC universe

The superhero world is in for a rude shock this time around with the greatest villain of all time set to invade and create havoc. This wielder of magic is also a hero full of super strength, speed, and superhuman hearing abilities. He is also very intelligent and we are yet to see where this will lead him this time around. Superman better be ready for the drama and wits to get unveiled in his territory.

Shazam exiled him after getting corrupted by the power that took over his desires and led him to evil. Black Adam made his way to the modern-day after years of banishment and is now a frequent enemy to heroes of earth. He believes in himself and is ready to lead humanity for the greater good.

Antihero Dwayne

The fierce and mighty Black Adam evokes his fans attention right form his charisma and energy he portrays in the movie’s concept art. He is a unique superhero ready to lead the people in rebellion against every aspect of inhumanity. We are yet to see if his invulnerability will make him be the people’s hero in the soon to release the movie. Fans cannot wait for the camera to roll and action to start.

Dwayne dreamed to be a superhero and this might be his chance to make it come true. He lived to look up to superman as his hero but as he got older and bolder in rebellion, he changed his mind. He could never be like him, he resisted authority and was too rambunctious for that type of power. He wanted more and greater opportunities to express his view, followed him to the acting world.

Behind the scenes of the great Black Adam

Black Adam was initially set to feature in the 2019 Shazam movie but other great plans were in store for him. He was set to have his standalone film as the rising star after Shazam gaining popularity. He is now taking over the limelight having to be the next great adversary that Shazam lived to see. 

Great producers and directors like Jaume Collet-Serra will lead their team into creating the best DC movie of all time. His work will, without doubt, be spectacular, just like his previous work of directing Dwayne Johnson on Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Dwayne is also working hard, trying to make the perfect act and fit in the character with all his efforts. We are yet to know the plot details but this cannot wrap up fan’s imaginations of how the movie might be.