How Have Fans Responded To Robert Pattinson As New Batman


B for BUZZ

The reveal of the new Batman as Robert Pattison has received many reactions on social media. Twitter has steered this buzz by having the most reactions shared by its users. It’s trending and thousands of tweets said something on the matter with numerous hashtags referring to Robert Pattinson and The Batman igniting blazes. 

Mixed reactions

The star featured in Twilight as Edward Cullen, among other films that made him rise above the ranks in acting. Some netizens got excited to see him play the role while others do not expect much from him while referring to Christian Bale in Nolan’s Batman movies as the benchmark.

The elated lot after the reveal

The first-look footage left many people excited to see their star shine as a superhero, with many Twitter users flooding with positive tweets. Some were ecstatic that the movie will be amazing and to some, they were in love with the look of the Battinson suit. They also liked the way the score of the Batman played and the video presentation amazed them.

“Robert Pattinson wouldn’t have been on my radar for #Batman, but am willing to wait and see. He’s a solid actor with a demonstrated range who fits the general physical parameters of the role. And hey, if Matt Reeves says he’s the guy, then that’s good enough for me.” 

Those that love comparing

People love comparing because it distinguishes characters and things and lets them notice some similarities. Some fans dag deep into the new Batsuit for the new Batman and costumes are worn during the shoot. But all in all, these lots were super excited for Pattinson as the new Batman.

Some related the video’s hue to that of a hero suit from Marvel and that it was similar to a daredevil project. “Very much excited for the movie…Fantabulous first look#MattReeves can’t wait for the movie..one hella of a suit..DC is absolutely back!!” a user shared.

A disappointed group by the look of the new Batman

The fun on the internet never gets better without some haters throwing shade at any new change. Some people took the reveal as lame and got disappointed at Pattinson’s new look as Batman. “Apologies to Robert Pattinson for making him return to comic-con and deal with nerd bullshit for the next six years,” was among the many negative comments made.

Few fans were open to giving Pattinson the chance to shine but the rest await good results before changing their mind. It will take them some time but I am sure Pattinson can manage the hate for a while.

The few that chose to be neutral

Some still have hopes that he can be the next Bruce Wayne and are open-minded to the idea of him acting the part. They have maintained the fact that not everyone can start with a bang, especially on a teaser. But are opting to see how the next few years will work out for him.

“People deciding the new Batman is s**** after one short teaser image…I thought Guardians of the Galaxy looked terrible after one image. A talking raccoon and a tree? No, thanks. Yeah, it’s one of my favorite films. Wait and see.” one user commented.