TikTok Alternatives for Keeping Your Short Video Making Fun Alive


Imagine waking up the next day and finding out that TikTok is no more. You will run tantrums all over the place as you think of how your TikTok influencing career died overnight. Well, to avoid this, you need to get updated on other alternative means to create short videos and ensure your content flows out there. You will not have to worry whether TikTok goes away this time if you have some alternatives to push you up the ladder. Here are some best video options to use.


Getting into the world of content creation alongside creating moves on videos never gets better with Dumbash. It is a fun app to use with many audio tracks and quotes from movies and TV series that will leave you gazing on what to pick and create a move with. You can enhance the quality of these videos using its advanced filters and make it more engaging to your fans. It has an online basis where you get to share videos with friends that follow you and they see your videos.


Many apps do not offer you a chance to edit videos captured of the app but Byte is here for you. You can upload a 6-second video to the app or shoot one from the app making it easier to share videos. Your online Byte follow squad can react to your videos and get to know the type of content you used in creating it by a touch of the button. It is an easy app to use in creating funny, horrific, and crazy videos under each sub-category in the app.


Content creation can sometimes get boring and you would like to get to stream live and share with your followers. Likee gives you this chance alongside selecting content from a wide range of options that are thrilling and fun to interact with. It has a large collection of music to choose that you can slow them when editing or let them run on speed mode using relevant tools. It has a library of features and an ability to let you combine video clips.


If you are looking for an app that can record and edit your videos, then look no further than Triller. It trims and cuts the videos to the best length desired and it adds filters to enhance its appearance an make it more captivating. It edits videos that you can share on social media platforms with friends. It gives you a chance to collaborate with different groups as you add texts and effects to make the videos more exciting.


Clash exposes you to massive opportunities to create content alongside a community of creators. You get to record a 21-second video clip using optional sounds provided only by creators. The app will keep you busy as you watch videos from other creators and try to jumble up their version to an amazing video that netizens will love. Your full-time content creation will not go to waste because clash pays you to create content that is entertaining to users.