The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: The Biggest Rivalries In The DC Comic Book Universe

Unequivocally, the DC universe has brought to life some of the most iconic and memorable characters ever conceived. These characters have evoked many emotions within us and have fuelled our…

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The First Comic to Choose for Your Kid!

Comic books have been a source of entertainment and fun for people of all ages. In recent years, we’ve seen movie directors bring those comic book stories to the big…

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In Spain the Marvel comic culture and the lemon, have a very close relationship.

The comic is a popular form of culture of singular importance in Spain. Converted during the 1940s into the main form of popular entertainment, it has radically evolved over the…

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The First Comic to Get Hooked On As an Adult

Comic books have been around for quite some time now and have been entertaining people since the 1930s. They’ve now moved onto the big screen as well, with countless movies…

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How Have Fans Responded To Robert Pattinson As New Batman

B for BUZZ The reveal of the new Batman as Robert Pattison has received many reactions on social media. Twitter has steered this buzz by having the most reactions shared…

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How is Black Adam Progressing – The New Dwayne Johnson Movie

The first appearance Comic books have lived to come to life on our screens after the creation of many productions over the years. Black Adam first appeared in The Marvel…

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