Moon Knight TV Series: Expected To Be On Screens Soon


Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a popular television show and movie franchise that has brought to life some of the best screenplays ever. Some of the greatest movies that have been portrayed in cinemas and other streaming services such as the Avengers series and other famous MCU films. 

One of its latest productions, Moon Knight, is expected to be aired very soon. You might be wondering what Moon Knight is all about and perhaps you’re looking forward to knowing more about this series. To take you out of your curiosity, here is all there is to know about the Moon Knight TV series.

What is Moon Knight about?

Moon Knight TV series is based on the storyline of the starring character with the same name. The storyline of Moon Knight follows this superhero who has amazing powers that are derived from the moon. 

He has amazing powers including expert skills in martial arts detective capabilities as well as improved speed and strength. Some of his strengths such as endurance, strength, and speed, depend on the lunar cycle. He is affiliated with the Avengers, United States Marine Corps, and Force Reconnaissance. This superhero has various aliases such as Mr. Knight and Fist of Khonshu. 

Is Moon Knight and Batman the same?

There are a lot of similarities between Moon Knight and Batman. These similarities might cause others to believe that Moon Knight is another alias of Batman. For example, some of the gadgets these two superheroes use are identical such as the projectiles that look like boomerangs. 

Moon Knight calls these gadgets Moonrangs, whereas Batman uses the name Batarangs. Their suits are also almost similar with the black capes and ripped abs. The truth is these are very distinct characters and the most prominent difference is the use of aliases. Moon Knight uses multiple aliases which is in contrast to Batman. 

What are the broadcast details?

A lot of people were anticipating that this TV series would be aired on Netflix but surprisingly, Marvel Comics Universe sold airing rights to Disney Plus. The Moon Knight Disney Plus first episode will be aired in December 2020 and continue from then. 

Making the Moon Knight Disney was unprecedented as a lot of users are on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Blockbuster. and Showmax. Although the Moon Knight TV show release date was rumored to be in October but it was confirmed to be released in December 2020. Perhaps Disney Plus will get more users by airing this MCU masterpiece. 

Who will play Moon Knight and other key characters?

The Moon Knight TV show was rumored to have onboarded Daniel Radcliffe to play Moon Knight but this actor debunked that false statement. Radcliffe did not say he was against the idea but he mentioned that it was not true. 

That left a lot of people wondering who might star in the Marvel Moon Knight Series. Some have suggested that since the franchise has wanted to work with Keanu Reeves for a long time, they might use him. 

However, he might also be a second option with the primary actor being Oscar Isaac, who was reportedly in negotiations to play this role. Other characters that need to be filled include Khonshu, The Profile, and a lot of others based on this TV series comic book.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four and Moon Knight

The Marvel Phase 4 Moon Knight link is quite a simple one, to be honest. Moon Knight 2020 is part of a project that consists of a variety of movies and television series’ called Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four. 

The television series is one of the projects that fall under this large undertaking Marvel has initiated. It is proposed to run from 2020 up until 2022 and features a lot of interesting work.

The bottom line

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four is a huge undertaking that involves Moon Knight and a lot of other interesting projects. Fans can expect to see this series live in December 2020 with either Oscar Isaac or Keanu Reeves playing the main character, that’s if everything goes according to plan. A lot of people are excited about seeing how this series will be brought to life.