Marvel Fanart Puts Richard E. Grant In The Horned Helmet Of Loki


It seems like only a couple of years back that Marvel started to target the movie market. Today, they are one of the biggest movie production companies in the business and it does not seem as though they are looking to slow down.

Their fanbase is ever-growing and with each new release, a new thread of movie theories pop up. With upward of a dozen projects between film and series in production, it is no wonder that fans have plenty to talk about. But when an actor tweets about a Marvel collaboration, the sparks and imaginations of the fans run wild. 

Who said what to start the gossip?

When it comes to the movie business, a comment is hardly made before it gets dissected by the masses for clues as to what Marvel has in store for them. In this case, it was Grant himself that expressed his elation of working with the original Loki, Tom Hiddleston.

In a recent tweet, he confirmed that he was to start working with Hiddleston in the upcoming series, LokiAlthough he did not elaborate on his role, @ApexForm was quick to create a graphic that depicts Grant as an older version of Loki. 

This is not a very far-fetched idea, seeing that Grant and Hiddleston bare quite the resemblance. From their sharp facial features to their ice-blue eyes. They seem to make the perfect younger and older versions of each other. 

What is known about the series production?

At this stage, not much is known about the series, but speculation and rumors have it that there is going to be a fair amount of time travel and inter-dimensional travel with alternate realities.

This further adds fuel to the flames that Grant might be cast as one of the versions of Loki. Together with the alternate universes, there is further speculation that we might see more than a couple of incarnations of the god of mischief from Kid Loki to Lady Loki. 

What is certain is that production on the series has commenced after some COVID-related hiccups and things are well on track. 

Unfortunately, there is not a set release date as of yet. With only six episodes on the cards, it is set to release in early 2021, though. Loki forms part of Marvel’s other limited series for Disney+, which is centered around the supporting characters of the Marvel universe. 

What is the premise of the series?

Chronologically, Loki takes place directly after the events of Avengers Endgame. What follows is a back and forth tale through time as Loki uses the tesseract to alter human history. One can only imagine how his actions will influence the future as Loki is always on the lookout for a way to advance himself in the universe.

Director, Kate Herron, stated that the series would take Loki to a new location in the MCU. Michael Waldron, who wrote the series, also mentioned that the series would answer some of the questions that Loki left us with. It will reveal what happened to Loki after he picked up the tesseract and it would also explore whether Loki has the ability to find a friend. Loki is not the favorite son and the series will shed light on whether Loki will ever be liked by anyone.

Finally, the series will explore the theme of Identity. Throughout the last 10 years of Marvel movies, it was evident that Loki’s past formed him. His resentment towards his family and the anger that drives him came from his adopted past and in the series, he is trying to find himself. 

Finally, the series is also set to tie into the Phase Four films of the Marvel Universe. More specifically, it will tie in with the film, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. How this will tie into the movies is yet to be revealed, though. 

How does the production of the movie look like?

Loki is not your everyday series and will not be produced by Marvel Television like some of the other MCU series. Instead, Marvel Studio will be at the help of production, which means that the series has a hefty budget. It is said to rival some of the biggest major studio productions. This is one of the reasons why they could afford a star-studded cast.

Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki from the Marvel movies. He will be joined by the likes of Owen Wilson, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, Gugu Mbathwa-Raw and Sophia Di Martino. 

With a lineup like this, the film is sure to produce a thrilling ride for the Marvel fans out there. Loki is one of the more complex characters in the series and when you throw some time travel and a multiverse into the mix, things are bound to get weird and wonderful.