Learning to Code at the Age of 30: A True Pleasure

Do you know that contrary to the popular belief, adolescence is not the singular most effective period for skill learning and acquisition? Research shows that both adolescence and adulthood are…

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Do I Need To Know Programming For A Cybersecurity Job?

Cybersecurity jobs do not need you to know to program but know networking and OS administration. You will only have to get access to a device and stop an active…

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How A Coding Boot Camp Opens a Floodgate of Opportunities For You

Coding boot camps have become very popular in the recent past where so far close to 18,000 graduates have benefited. Coding boot camps are important because they practically introduce the…

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Scientist Spends Decades Creating A Catalog Of Man-Made Objects That Are In Space

A man-made map of man-made objects in space A space history enthusiast and astronomer who’s known as Jonathan McDowell just created a database that he calls GCAT, which means General…

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Coding In The 1800s? The Inspiring Story Of Ada Lovelace As The First Computer Programmer

Against all odds Changing the world in the 19th century was hard and having to be a woman in the field of mathematics, science and engineering wasn’t a walk in…

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