Learning to Code at the Age of 30: A True Pleasure


Do you know that contrary to the popular belief, adolescence is not the singular most effective period for skill learning and acquisition? Research shows that both adolescence and adulthood are the most efficient periods for the acquisition of a new skill. 

Coding as a skill

Coding is one of those skills that has caught the attention of a lot of young adults. As per Statista, coding is among the top in-demand skills worldwide. It is the primary skill required for software development jobs. Coding, in a nutshell, is expression and problem-solving. It is a means to an end – it provides real solutions while simultaneously improving the experience for end-users. 

Learning coding also opens the doors to the acquisition of a lot of other skills like self-reliance, attention to detail, patience, and much more.

Still think you’re too old?

Learning to code at 30

Learning to code can be a fun experience that requires consistency and patience – Good news is at 30, people usually have developed both. You can be from a complete non-science background and it is still entirely possible to learn to code and master it. It requires dedication and can be thrilling, to begin with, but consistency is key and crucial in learning how to code.  

Begin with free resources

You can begin learning coding by downloading books from the internet or going through YouTube tutorials on coding. Start with learning the basics first. Once you’re good at them then move on to expert level stuff. 

Learn a programming language

Moreover, it is important to learn at least one programming language to learn to code. Ideally, it is better to be proficient in one language instead of learning a little from many languages. Python, for instance, is considered one of the easiest programming languages so now you know where to begin with.

Make the learning process effective

Immerse yourself in the learning process and stay focused. Let your mind develop the habit of cutting off all distractions and just focus on what you’re learning in present. 

Why is learning to code fun

Learning coding can be fun as it is thrilling to be creating something that people can benefit from. Once you learn how programming works, you can virtually create anything from it. Coding is cryptic but once you get the hang of it, it can be fun building an application from scratch. A person with a problem-solving mindset can thrive as a programmer and coding for such a person can be exciting & engaging.  Many people hit road bumps within their careers at 30 i.e. they don’t find their current jobs promising enough or fulfilling enough. Learning to code at 30 can give that sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

If you’re at crossroads at 30 and interested in learning to code, we recommend you give it a try.