The legendary rivalry between playing on PC or PlayStation (ps4)


Recently, all gamers have been wondering: What´s better? Playing on a game console or on a computer? Which one has more quality, more fluidity, more playability? In conclusion, which one do you enjoy the most? Which is the most worthwhile? And the million-dollar question, on which of the two am I going to spend all my savings?

playing on PC or PlayStation
A difficult decision

Pros and Cons

Exclusive titles

The first stop of this confrontation is: The exclusive titles, people say that having certain exclusives can give more quality to a console like the PlayStation compared to the PC. But what many people do not know is that Microsoft has more exclusive titles behind it than the sum of exclusives from the rest of the consoles. Also with the great compatibility with older titles thanks to DirectX. Having many exclusive titles does NOT make a platform better.

A graphic comparison

Is comfort the most important thing?

Also, the living room experience, the consoles are designed for the sofa: their interface is easy to read, the controls are wireless and, although it seems silly, they can be turned on with the remote. Although Steam has options to optimize the experience of our PC in the living room and we have adapters to use the controls on the computer, very few users have a computer to play on television. Since most people who are going to have two devices to play, they tend to buy the console for the living room and the computer for the desktop.
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Skimps on the price

Computers are very flexible and cheaper; we can buy cheap devices and play free games without any problem or we can also go further and have a good computer capable of playing in 4K. With the incorporation of the Internet in a more natural way to our consoles, their games have taken very similar computer mechanics. Also computer games are constantly receiving updates.

Do you want speed?

Yes, computers are faster, and its functionality is much greater since it can do much more than just running games. Although, for a computer to be much faster than a console, it also must be much more expensive. At equal prices, the differences between one and the other are minuscule. Computers do not need subscriptions to play the game online, but they do have many cheaters playing around. This last thing about cheaters is something that most console games get rid of.

At the end of the day, it all depends on you, player

In short, computers are objectively better. If we make a list, it would mark many more positive points than a console. However, this is not the reason why an user decides one platform or another. It completely depends on the experience you want to live, if you want to play games that consume infinite resources, the most likely thing is that you need a PC. Now if you want to play local multiplayer games or general entertainment games with your friends, a console is most likely ideal.