Can you make money by playing/reviewing video games?


The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and you can certainly get a part of this pie. It may not be easy to gain a foothold earning while playing games, but it for sure is rewarding. Playing video games has been a favored past time for many since the days of Nintendo and even Sega. With the sophistication afforded by technology, the gaming industry has exponentially grown into a giant.  

So the short answer to the question of whether you can ensure a decent living by playing or review video games is a definite yes. However, playing for fun may be different than playing to make money, and you may have to adapt in some ways. For instance, when you’re playing to an audience, you have to cater to their needs rather than just yours. 

Why do we say you can make a living playing off video games? It is because there are several ways to monetize this fun activity. Here are a few to get you started. 

Make a YouTube channel

One of the easiest ways to monetize your gaming prowess is by making a YouTube channel. It can have tutorials, insights, tips, tricks, and anything you think the audience may like. The tricky part is to attract the audience for which the content must be unique and engaging. You can review popular games, demonstrate the gameplay, or teach players the game. Getting a huge fan following or subscribers is the key here, and you should “play to the gallery” as they say. 

Stream While you Game

Another popular way of earning some money while you indulge in your favorite leisure time is to stream your video games on platforms such as Twitch. It is a website where users get to watch their favorite players play their favorite games. As we mentioned, the gaming industry is mammoth and unique, and this is one way you can make some easy money. Twitch, like YouTube, works on the model of viewership, and for that, you have to build your profile. 

‘Ninja’, one of the most famous gamers, playing ‘Fortnite’ and streaming to over 100k viewers live


It may be rare that many gamers would love to read and write, but it is an excellent way to earn by doing what you love. Not only do you get to play games, test their pros and cons, but also express them in words, which for some also amounts to art. The path to video games journalism is not simple as you may require a degree in journalism to work full time at a firm. However, freelance writing has become quite the norm, and if you’re passionate about gaming as well as writing; there’s your entry door. 

Video Game Testing

A meticulous and analytical video gamer would jump at the opportunity of testing games. Some minds think extraordinarily by analyzing fine details and trying to figure out things that an average person would ignore. The job of a video game tester can be a dream job for some as they test their favourite video games, finding and looking for flaws, and getting paid in the end. 

So far, we have managed to tell you about a few of the popular ways to monetize playing video games. There are many others, and playing video games isn’t considered tardy anymore. So, keep playing those video games. 

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