Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


How do we breathe underwater??

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
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There are some things in life you would just prefer not to see and this sign is one of them. This is the kind of humor that makes you weak in the knees. The sign is one of those signs that deserves a double-take. When you first read it, you don’t think anything about it and then the gravity of the absurdity strikes you. You cannot help but read it again and burst out laughing. Better not read it while you are under. Probably the pool manager wanted to say do not pee in the water but wandered off topic a little.

Getting back to your roots

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
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Back in the day, the library was a pillar in any community, but the internet changed all that. This library just wanted to make sure that the locals remembered the good old days where they could still trust the info of the books. Besides, what is going to happen to the mythical attractive librarian when there are no more libraries? The sign was most likely created by a librarian concerned about losing his job and fearing going back to art school. Well, you should know that going toe to toe with the internet is a futile exercise but at least you would die trying and go down guns blazing.