Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


Picking up the family

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
source: Pinterest

Families exist to get on each other’s nerves and what better way is there to do it than plastering the worst pictures of your family members all around the airport. Or better yet, add the word “wanted” as if they are mugshots taken from FBI most wanted fugitive list. There might be a reason why the rest of the family is wanted. If these two are the ones responsible for the sign, think of the family dynamics at home. There seems to be no love lost when sharing photos when the rest look at their worst. Family, gotta love’em.

That is highly subjective

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
Source: Pinterest

“Hold my beer,” those were probably the words he said before writing the stupid sign that he is holding up. He probably had some to muster up the courage of holding that sign right on the faces of other Raider fans. Your brother might be a fan of an inferior team, but he is not the one holding the stupid sign. I don’t think your brother is going to get any flack for being a fan of the Raiders, you, on the other hand, I am not so sure of. Either way, this guy sent his message across and the receiving end probably got it loud and clear.