Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


Divine intervention

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
Source: nfl.com

A lot of us have dads that are control freaks that try to dictate every move their team makes. Whereas some dads have advice that boils down to only a few words “run the ball.” It may not mean much but this guy has absolute faith that the team will listen. Now here is a character that lives out his faith. Apparently, he also wants to inspire the rest of the team with a message from God. Let’s hope he heard the right message; otherwise, there are going to be a couple of angry fans that are filled in the stadium.

Not your regular coffee drinker

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
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Not long ago, people would have said you are crazy if you thought that people would sit around and talk on handheld phones. Some would say the world was full of psychopaths that just sit in coffee shops and drink coffee doing nothing else at all. Today, people think you are crazy if you sit in a restaurant with nothing but a cup of coffee in front of you. As for this sign, it makes you wonder what else is done in a coffee shop apart from enjoying this hot beverage. However, the poetic use of words in this sign awards it its spot on this list.