Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


Sometimes the truth hurts

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
source: Sports Retriever

If you would like to get run over by multitudes of fans, try insulting them at a stadium. But then if they need to hear the truth that they are losers, you should do so in a clever way. Now and then, a fan comes along and spells out the truth and the truth hurts. Let’s just hope the Chiefs fans are bright enough to catch this little quip. Just to make sure they don’t miss the sign, she even put it on bright pink cardboard for enhanced visibility even to fans seated across the stadium. This is a great pun that might insult some if they do not appreciate the sense of humor.

Welcome home, mom

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet

The sign looks like a project that has been done for grades because of the color and specific drawings done by these 2 siblings. When a mother goes away for work, she usually misses her kids and can’t wait to see them again. When this mom returned home, she might have been tempted to walk past them and pretend that she didn’t know them. This is the kind of sign that is crafted for mom’s eyes only because it would bring such embarrassment and shame to the family. Would you just look at those free-spirited siblings roaring for mom’s return from work.