Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


Now it’s official

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
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If someone cheats on you, make sure to detest them so much they know and other people understand how inferior he is. As the saying goes, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Not only did this guy mess things up with his girlfriend, but he also got to watch from his couch as she rubbed it in his face. I bet you he was regretting the little fling he had on the side. You can see the glee from her face as she raises that sign above her head. I think this is the next thing to the feeling you get after screaming a curse word out of the blue.

If you want to cheat, you better be ready for the backlash

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
Source: The New York Times

When it comes to professional sports and cheating, it is an unforgiving arena. Bill Belichick had it coming as fans caught wind of his dark arts and tampering. These fans wanted to make sure that he knew what the rest of the opposing teams were thinking. The security guard doesn’t seem to agree with their views. Why not rub it in the opposition’s face when they get exposed for their nefarious activities. The creators of this sign are quite smart and full of puns because at first you might think that the banner has a typo and he actually meant “Cheetahs.”