Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


A fly walked into a bar…

All jokes aside, Kew Botanical Gardens hit the nail on the head with this little sign. It seems like they had quite the problem with little fingers that weren’t kept to themselves. Some might be more surprised at the fact that these plants actually exist. As they say, though, may a true word is spoken in jest. So please, all you flies out there, ignore the sign and go sit on the cozy plants. Alternatively, if you are a human being and would like to see a plant commit suicide, proceed triggering these plants until they digest themselves and die.

Who doesn’t love em’?

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
source: Imgur

Grocery shopping can be such a bore, but when the grocer employs a couple of sharp-minded people, they might be able to brighten up your day. Tomatoes have always been a topic of interest from arguments of whether they are vegetables or fruit to this well thought of humorous sign. This is such a cool little sign and enough to make the rest of the shopping conducted on that day a little bit more bearable and fun to do. This makes you want to buy a punnet just because of the humor and brainpower required to think of such a joke.