Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


Need some extra geography lessons

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
Source: Imgur

Let us “Make America Great Again” and start making lawn signs that do not make perfect sense. Although the intentions of this patriot are pure, they want to signify the dominance and greatness of America. But I think that is something you would want to do on a global stage instead of a nationwide approach. You get patriots and then you get the people who believe that the USA is the best country within a country. It is a great country, but somehow you feel that whoever made the sign should broaden their horizons a bit, or the geography teacher should quit his day job and go into politics.

Cats are so mean

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
source: Imgur

Out of all the pets you might choose to have, cats possess great pompous and pride so much that the veterinarian noticed this and set the record straight. This is one for all the cat lovers out there. They will know that even if cats could show affection or any consideration for their human owners, that they wouldn’t. They are too good for that. They have this air about them that we belong to them. Don’t expect any messages from them if they could text either. Cats are also the kind that would stand you up on dinner reservations just because “they did not feel like going out.”