Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet


They know their customers

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
source: Pinterest

Apart from mothers, who else drinks the most? That’s right! It is teachers because they also have to deal with the same amount of problems as mothers. That is why liquor shops and breweries should know their target market better and sell directly to them. This liquor store knows its customers. They know that the teachers of the town have a tough time dealing with their kids. Some parents might drive by and begin to wonder what their teachers are doing, but deep down, they know that teachers deserve a stiff drink from time to time. Being a teacher is no joke.

Do you want to see that?

Signs That Are Breaking The Internet
Source: Pinterest

Every shop owner will know that customer service is important, but this sign takes things a bit far. The customer might even be a bit put off by the foul demonstration. I think that whoever asks for a demonstration just wants to see what will happen. Their intrigue might be quashed when the attendant doesn’t hold back. The plot thickens when you look into the context of the sign and realize the pun that lies on the second line. God forbid, some lunatics might actually ask for a demonstration after seeing this sign, this is just calling trouble onto oneself.