The Movies That Nearly Ruined These Actors’ Careers

    Have you ever wondered why there are periods where certain actors get all the spotlight and then all of a sudden disappear? In all likelihood, they took on a role that was not well received and it ended their careers. Here are a couple of movies that nearly ended some of the stars we love.

    Halle Berry – Catwoman

    Before Catwoman, Halle Berry was untouchable and everybody wanted to cast her. The movie was a disaster and Berry seemed to have lost all nine of her lives. She even received a Razzie award for the worst actress. She took it on the chin and regained her status as a hot commodity in 2005.

    Elizabeth Barkley – Showgirls

    Elizabeth Barkley was a shining star in 1989 – 1993 when she was better known as Jessie Spano in Saved by the bell. In 1995 she wanted to expand her portfolio and took the leading role in Showgirls. The critics didn’t show her any mercy after that film. She is still trying to recover from the backlash.

    Jake Lloyd – Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace

    Even child movie stars are not immune to a bad rep. Jake Lloyd starred as the young Anakin Skywalker in the movie and it would prove to be his first and last big-screen appearance. The movie was met with disappointment and Lloyd was bullied at school as a result. The force was not with this one it seems.

    Brandon Routh – Superman Returns

    From a very young age, Routh was told he looked like a young Christopher Reeves, the famous superman actor form the 1970s. He landed the role of Superman in the 2006 version, but critics didn’t enjoy it as much. He is not out of the Superhero business though, albeit on the small screen.

    Hayden Christensen – Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the clones

    Hayden was another victim of Star Wars and although the movie was a hit with the fans, they were not a fan of Christensen. His awkward chemistry with Natalie Portman earned him the Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Award. Ever since then, he has never quite recovered, but he still makes a decent living off of small roles.

    John Travolta – Battlefield Earth

    One would never have guessed that Travolta would play in a Sci-fi film like this, but he did and it nearly ended him. He never really regained his A-list status after Battlefield, but he has been active ever since. His last role was that of Robert Shapiro in the hit series, American Crime Story: O.J. Simpson.

    Ben Affleck – Gigli

    Ben Affleck is one lucky man because not everyone has as many comebacks as him. Gigli scored an embarrassing 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. He got knocked off his horse and transitioned to directing in 2007. His movie, Argo, was a huge success and Affleck received a reprieve.

    Chris O’Donnell – Batman and Robin

    O’Donnell could not have known that he was committing carer suicide when he starred in this Batman flop. Critics have labeled it as one of the worst films of all time. O’Donnell’s career collapsed and he didn’t regain his composure until 2009 when he landed a leading role in NCIS: Los Angeles.

    Mike Meyers – The Love Guru

    It’s hard to think that any role could sink an actor like Meyers. However, The Love Guru did a pretty good job of deraining his reign as one of the funny men of Hollywood. Critics said that the movie failed because Meyers both wrote and starred in it.

    Tom Green – Freddy got Fingered

    Green was a hit in the early 2000s, he quickly garnered a huge following for his show, The Tom Green Show. He gave writing a movie a go and it backfired gloriously. Freddy got Fingered, was a knockout blow to his acting career and he has never quite recovered from the hit.