Box Office Duds That Turned Into Cult Classics

You get good movies and then you get classics that you can watch over and over again. The funny think about the classics is that there are a number of…

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The Movies That Nearly Ruined These Actors’ Careers

Have you ever wondered why there are periods where certain actors get all the spotlight and then all of a sudden disappear? In all likelihood, they took on a role…

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Film Bloopers That Made the Cut and Became Legendary

Actors, like the rest of us, make mistakes while filming. But many of them have enough skill to stay in character and pull it off. Others ad-lib lines that weren’t…

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Ten Crazy Rules from the Ellen DeGeneres Show for Audience Members

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a legendary show, with more than 60 Daytime Awards under its belt. It is known as a professional show, and it seems that nothing ever…

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