Film Bloopers That Made the Cut and Became Legendary

    Actors, like the rest of us, make mistakes while filming. But many of them have enough skill to stay in character and pull it off. Others ad-lib lines that weren’t in the script and directors know in that instant that they will become iconic moments. Some just happen, some are planned, some are off-camera incidents and some are included in the movies to make the scene livelier for the audiences. Bloopers know no boundaries – they happen in the best of the movies to the best of the actors and directors we know of. Here are some examples to leave you spellbound. 


    Titanic visualizes the deadly incident of the ship sinking in the middle of the ocean after colliding with an iceberg. Although this movie brings a lot of emotional turmoil, there is a scene that is just magical involving Leonardo DiCaprio. You have probably noticed how masterful he is with improv lines. When he opted to shout “I’m the king of the world” in one scene, it sounded so impressive that James Cameron elected to keep it. That particular scene felt right and most importantly, it sounded convincing, and no matter how cheesy it sounded, it worked well. 

    The Godfather

    “Bonasera, Bonasera, what have I ever done to get such disrespect from you?” That scene depicting Vito Corleone was powerful and remarkable in many ways. More especially the way this iconic character from the film The Godfather strokes a kitten was noticed by a lot of people. The mob boss, played by Marlon Brando, made an impact on audiences around the world. The scene where he sits stroking a kitten made him look even more intimidating. As it turns out, the kitten wandered on set, and Brando picked it up. That kitten slipped into character like it was an old shoe!

    The 40-year-old Virgin

    If you watched the 40-year-old virgin, probably you’ve noticed and liked Steve Carrell and his quick sharp wit. His short and witty remarks made this beloved character even more memorable to those who have watched this movie. A particularly interesting fact about this movie is that there are many one-liners in the film that were not even in the script. And the scene where Carrell gets his chest waxed, his response is authentic as he insisted on an actual waxing, and his oath, “Kelly Clarkson!” was an ad-lib. After reading this, you will never see this movie the same again!