When Public Transport Is Too Much To Handle


It told you it would fit

Guys are often at the butt-end of ridiculous ideas. It usually starts with a couple of drinks at a bar and then someone makes a crazy bet. With all inhibitions out the window, there is bound to be someone who takes the bet to prove a point. Without a moment’s hesitation and a body full of liquor, you set out to fulfill the bet. This dude was likely one of those characters and proved his point. He made it into the train cart and immediately wanted to share the evidence with his mates. Within minutes, he had sent the message, “I told you so” to all the guys at the bar and passed out. At least he kept his safety belt on the entire time.

I ain’t hiding anything

Some people are terrible at hiding things. They cannot lie or keep a secret. Their faces are betraying what they are trying to hide, no matter how hard they try to keep a poker face. This girl is one of those who cannot hide her secret. As the guy is taking the photo, she goes onto the offensive and gives the dude the state of death. Unfortunately, no matter how cold that stare might be, it is no match for the viral power of the internet. All the while, the poor little kitten is unaware of what is going on. It just sensed that its owner was not happy with what was going on and also gave a bit of a stare.