When Public Transport Is Too Much To Handle


The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem

Not too long ago, the world was introduced to the notion of game addiction. Many people laughed it off and said that it was stupid and out of context. This guy makes a strong case for gaming addiction. The questions that pop into one’s head upon this sight are disturbing. How did he get his console on the train? How long does he have to commute in a day? Does he even know when he needs to get off the train? His folks need to step in and cut the chord because this cannot be healthy. By the looks of things, he could use a bit of exercise other than playing Madden or Olympics on his console. But then you know, it’s all about personal choice.

When a bed is too far away

Some people find it hard to sleep in cars, others find it hard to sleep in a bed other than their own and then you get people who just do not give a hoot. They will find any space that they can go vertical in and catch up on their beauty sleep. I just cannot think how this position is comfortable in any way, though. If there is no rest for the wicked, then this dude has to be super bad. Einstein also said that all great ideas seem crazy at first, but some ideas are just crazy. It is called a handrail for a reason. How he even got up there is a great mystery in itself. Let’s hope he does not roll around in his sleep.