When Public Transport Is Too Much To Handle


The black plague has returned

The truth is often stranger than fiction and the scenes from the past look like they belong in horror stories of today. Back in the day, during the Black Plague, gas masks looked slightly different. People realized that the masks were scarier than the plague itself and redesigned it after a while. This poor fellow found himself in the middle of a couple of dudes who were trying to get the style back to life. The expression on his face is either that of sheer amusement or he is one step from screaming his head off and wetting his pants. My money is on the latter, as these guys look as though they might tie the poor dude up and use hi in a ritual.

Trying to impress the in-laws

I have the best in-laws ever, said no one ever. At best, your in-laws are tolerable in small doses. I most cases, the daughter-in-law can never live up to the standards of the mother-in-law. This poor girl was determined to impress her hubby’s mom so she decided to get a head start on dinner. Unfortunately, the guys sitting next to her realized that she was busy cutting the onions. The expression on her face was quite serious and they did not dare tell her anything. After all, she was wielding a very sharp knife and when a daughter-in-law is on edge, you do not want to mess with her. As long as they keep their distance and avoid eye-contact, they are in the clear.