When Public Transport Is Too Much To Handle


When you are oblivious of the people around you

There always has to be that one guy that has no regard for the people around him. There are certain times of the day when the subway is tight and people have to squeeze in. Not everyone wants to give up their personal space so they make sure that they take enough for themselves. This dude clearly was not bothered by the fact that he was being a jerk. Either he was giving his junk some much-needed air or he did not want people to sit close to him. The fact remains that he was a bit of a tool and sitting with a smile on his face makes it a bit worse. If only someone would spill some hot coffee “accidentally.”

When you cannot be late for your interview

It has happened to all of us. On the morning of a very important date, your alarm fails for some bizarre reason or things spiral out of control at home and you end up having to rush to get to your appointment. This lady decided that it was better to pitch up for her interview in her bath towel than to be late. Maybe she thought that if she pitched up on time looking like this, she would send the message that her job is important to her. What she did not take into account was that they might think that she has lost her mind and they were within their right to call security. Then again, maybe she just forgot that she had not dressed yet.