When Public Transport Is Too Much To Handle


When dinner plans are spoiled

If there is a one really sad thing, it is when a perfectly good pizza is dropped on the floor. Someone would have had a feast and now it is ruined. The feeling is worse when you know that you are the cause of it all. This poor lady was so looking forward to her pizza dinner that she decided to down a slice on the way home. What she did not bargain on was that she would be too tired to keep her eyes open. The inevitable happened and the pizza dropped to the floor. The silver lining is that she at least got a taste of the pizza. The folks at home are not going to share her sentiment.

The thing is in the house

The subway is the best place for entertainment. You could grab yourself a soda and some popcorn and stay in the car the whole day. You are bound to be greeted with some odd-looking characters or see some strange events unfold before your eyes. This poor lady did not quite know with the fact that the Thing came and sat down next to her. Truth be told, how are you supposed to react when Swamp Thing catches a ride with you on the train, let alone sit next to you? On the contrary, maybe the guy that dons the suite just wanted to be invisible for a day. We all have those days when we just want to blend in with the background.