When Holiday Snaps Go Horribly Wrong


I told you so…

Donkey peaking through cars window
source: Reddit | DiFaz07

Kids are testers and benders of rules. They will try and see how far they can push the boundaries before there are any repercussions. These folks gave the simple instruction to not open a window and the kid thought that he would test the boundaries once more. He might have thought, “What is the worst that can happen?” The parents were not about to stop him and I am sure that they were openly laughing their asses off (excuse the pun). It is safe to say that this boy will never open his window again. He may even develop a phobia because of his actions. Oh well.

Nothing says I love you like a bit of distance

Nothing says I love you like a bit of distance
Source: facebook.com

Now some people have clear boundary issues and don’t like it when people stand too close. However, when that person is your spouse, there is something fundamentally wrong. I mean, they had to get a bit closer than that to make those two kids of theirs. Little Johnny is trying to give mom a hint and grabs hold of dad’s legs, while his little brother could not be bothered. He is too concerned with the water down below to pay this situation any mind. The other angle here could be that they were just friends. Look at the camera around the woman’s neck. Getting clicked was a privilege back then, no matter who else was there in the photo!