When Holiday Snaps Go Horribly Wrong

    source: Imgur

    The one thing that sucks about a holiday is that it has to come to an end. Fortunately, we have our trusty cameras that can take snippets of those unforgettable moments that we can cherish forever. Then again, there are moments that no one wants to remember, but they also get captured in our pictures forever. Then there are other photos that we pull out after a couple of years and go, “oh damn, what was I thinking?” Although the person in the photo wants to forget, for the rest of us, it is priceless entertainment and we thank you for sharing them. Here are some of the best holiday snap fails.

    A natural photobomb

    source: Imgur

    The beach is one of the favorite holiday photo settings. Everyone always seems so happy. The setting is perfect, beautiful weather, cool and relaxing water and, of course, a stingray on your back. What is not to love about that. These ladies were not expecting this guy to creep up on them and spoil their photo. Honestly, I probably would have done more than just pull a funny face and scream. Stingrays are naturally evasive creatures, so being photobombed by one is the last thing that anyone would expect. But then, it’s the situations that dictate people’s behaviors so really not their fault.