When Holiday Snaps Go Horribly Wrong


Crocodile Auntee is in the house

Crocodile Auntee is in the house
source: Pinterest

It often happens that people suffer from delayed reactions. The one moment they feel brave and confident in what they are about to do and the next, they are flailing their arms and thinking to themselves that whatever they were thinking a moment ago was stupid. This lady thought that she would take her chances with a little croc. She even gave it her pearl necklace. Now that the croc was in her hand, the seriousness of the situation dawned on her and she realized the error of her ways. Even the people in the background knew it was a risky move.

I do, I do, I do 

Proposal in a zoo
source: Imgur

Of all the romantic places where a couple can get engaged, the local Zoo is probably the lowest one on the list. It’s not that it isn’t romantic or anything, but rather that there are so many onlookers who want to join in on the moment and they are not necessarily human. And this is where the game changes. One has to wonder whether the girl was smiling at the proposal or the hippo that was making a scene. Maybe the hippo was jealous and wanted to give the dude a piece of its mind. It is clearly not happy with how things turned out.