When Holiday Snaps Go Horribly Wrong


Don’t mind the drowning guide everyone

Holiday Snaps Kissing While Riding Horses In Water
source: Imgur

People who are in love are often oblivious to what is happening around them. This couple was so determined to get that perfect honeymoon picture, that they could not be bothered by the guide who was trying to lead them out of the deep end. He must be thinking that they only have to go a couple more steps before his feet can touch the ground. The tide was not good for this poor fellow, but he will not let his customers down. Come hell or high water. Hopefully, they saw the efforts of their guide and gave him a super big tip.

Guess where I was for the holidays?

Holiday Snaps
source: Reddit | DiamondJoyride

Holidays, the word that seems like a thing of past now. Anyways, everyone has dreams of traveling and seeing the world, but desperation has its limits. There are things that people will just not believe. If this girl thought that she would impress her friends with her recent trip to Paris, she has another thing coming. If there is one thing that she can learn from this picture fail is that her Photoshop skills need a bit of attention. It is pretty hard to sell that you were trying to do a warped pose with half of your body not in the picture. Better luck next time.