When Holiday Snaps Go Horribly Wrong


Bend over and kiss me…

Holiday Snaps
source: Imgur

If ever you find yourself in Ireland at Blarney Castle, then you have to go and visit Blarney Stone. There you will be posed with two options. Either you can stand around and be amused by the many who bend down and give the old rock a kiss or you can try your hand at acrobatics yourself. Whoever said that you’ll have luck when you kiss the stone was either a genius or a stoner himself. Finding people who will lie on their backs and hang their torsos off a ledge to give an ancient rock a little snog doesn’t happen every day.

Group photo everyone

Group photo everyone leaning the tower of Pisa
source: Imgur

Ever since the warped perspective poses became a thing, the leaning tower of Pisa has been a favorite to try and uphold. In this photo, there were two opposing sidesthose who were trying to push the tower over and those who were trying to save it from collapse. It was as if every tourist was in sync and trying to do the same pose at the same time. Looking at them from this angle just makes them look like their trying to avoid a bright light or something. Or maybe they wanted it to lean it just too much with their powerful hands. Well, we can only assume.