The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard In Court


William Baxter vs His wife’s cat

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

You get cat people and you get dog people. It is safe to say that Willam Baxter is not a cat person. Baxter agreed to watch over a “friend’s” cat but that agreement turned sour after cat attacked him. The cat took aim at his arm and gave it a good scratch and bit his finger. After doing some digging, it turned out that the friend was, in fact, his wife. According to his lawyer, he was in extreme pain and discomfort and it was worth the $100 000 that he was suing for.

John Coomer vs. The Kansas City Royals

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

It seems that you don’t need to worry about a baseball hitting you in the head when you are at the game. You should rather watch out for the free hotdogs. John Coomer sued the Kansas City Royals when he was hit in the face with a hotdog between innings. He claimed that it was a dangerous activity and should not be allowed. That is odd, seeing that he had gone to 175 games before the incident. Coomer’s attorney appealed the first verdict that went against them and the case was heard in a higher court and the verdict was miraculously overruled.