Major 10 Fascinating Facts That You Never Knew About Space


Facts About Space

How often does anyone look up at the sky and wonder how many cool, fascinating things are going on way up there in outer space? Not too many, because the focus is down here on earth; living life, and surviving. Those few people who do look up tend to wonder more about what’s around us, and how the universe works. Are there really other life forms out there, and what are there intentions toward mankind, if any. Maybe humans are not important enough for them to waste their time on. But even if you don’t have loads of questions about outer space, here are some fascinating facts about space to keep you going.


Saturn's Facts About Space

Detail: Saturn’s rings are so light that they will float in water.

Who knew that the rings around Saturn are so light that they would float if you could put them in water? Water density is 0.998g/cm3 as opposed to these rings that weigh 0.687g/cm3, which is why they would float. Add to this fascinating fact is that Saturn’s equator has a radius of approximately 4 km, and this translates into needing a huge glass filled with water to test this theory. That’s just not going to happen, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself, or accept this as fact.