Major 10 Fascinating Facts That You Never Knew About Space


Extra Moons

Facts About Space Extra Moons

Detail: Earth has a planetoid that looks like a moon

Planetoid Cruithne looks like a small moon but is an asteroid about 5km in circumference, which was noted by Duncan Waldron in 1986. Cruithne was thought to be a moon because of its similar revolution around the sun, like that of the earth. Because of this similarity, Cruithne seemed to be following earth, making it look like an extra moon. Three similar asteroids have been identified, giving earth the appearance of having 5 moons.

Sunspot Music 

Facts About Space

Detail: Rumor has it that the harmonious tones of Stradivarius violins may be based on the activity of sunspots.

The Maunder Minimum or brief ice age that the earth underwent between the 16th and 19th centuries caused a change in tree growth. Tree wood became extremely hard because of slowed growth. Antonio Stradivari used this hardwood to make his violins in 17th and 18th century Italy. His “Messiah” violin produces a particularly beautiful timbre, with wood rings visible in the violin. This violin also comprises cold welding, giving Stradivarius violins a sound like no other on earth. The Stradivarius would also not be possible to duplicate naturally because of the period in which they were made.