Major 10 Fascinating Facts That You Never Knew About Space


The Big Dipper is not a constellation

Facts About Space

Detail: Most people think The Big Dipper is a constellation when it’s an asterism.

A constellation is comprised of stars like an asterism. Unlike the constellation, the stars of the asterism are unrelated and occur at vast distances apart from each other in a pattern. Also, the asterism’s star pattern can comprise of stars from various constellations. The Great Bear constellation or the Ursa Major, consists of the 7 brightest stars that make up The Big Dipper.

George’s Star

George's Star

Detail: George’s Star was renamed as Uranus in 1781.

Uranus was initially known as George’s Star, named by its discoverer Sir William Herschel during 1781 after King George III. Georgium Sidus is the first planet to have been discovered with the use of a telescope. In keeping with the tradition of naming heavenly bodies after significant events or periods, Mad King George’s name was first chosen to honor the discovery of a new planet.