Major 10 Fascinating Facts That You Never Knew About Space


Constantly Moving 


Detail: Earth moves through space at approximately 530km/s.

Earth travels at approximately 530 km or 330 miles per second. That is so fast that you are in the region of being 19,000 km further from your starting point for every single passing minute. Although scientists vary on their beliefs or calculations of the speed with which planet Earth revolves, there is some agreement that this speed is between 130 and 1,000 km/s. Apparently, Einstein’s relativity theory or the speed with which an item moves through space is not relevant here. To clarify, Earth moves through space at approximately 530km/2 within the galaxy of the Milky Way. The Milky Way turns at 225km/s, and this galaxy moves at a rate of 305km/s. Super-fast.

Farewell old friend!

Earth's Moon

Detail: Earth’s moon is slowly leaving us.

Because the speed of the earth’s rotation is slowing by approximately 0,002 seconds every day over every 100 years, the moon drifts a little further away. Combined with tidal effects and slowed earth rotation, the moon drifts at least 3.8cm from earth every year. No, the moon is not made of cheese. Rather, scientists believe that it is possible that the moon is a splinter of the earth from time gone by. Their theory is that a huge piece of debris the size of Mars collided with the earth in outer space, which is how the moon came into being.