The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard In Court


Disabled vs. Disney

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

Who would have thought that Disney would be the mark of a lawsuit and against the disabled no less? A few years back, they decided to ban the use of Segways in their parks because they posed a risk of injury. One disabled couple decided that they were discriminated against and that it was a violation f their rights. Disney agreed that they would provide a safer alternative and the case was dismissed. In the end, the couple received a $4000 settlement which paid for a week in Disney Land.

Andrew Burnett vs Dog Owner

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

The year 2000 was one that was filled with excitement. Andrew Burnett took things a bit further and his road rage got the better of him. He got into an altercation with a woman over a fender bender on a highway in San Hose. Things got heated and he lost his s#$t. He decided to throw the lady’s dog into traffic and it didn’t make it. He was sent to jail for three years but afterward sued the lady for defamation. The judge did not think he had any grounds and threw the case out.