The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard In Court


Wanita Young vs Free Cookies

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

It seems like no good deed goes unpunished. Lindsey Zellitti and Taylor Ostergaard were trying to do a good deed and handed out free home-made cookies to the people in their neighborhood. When they got to Wanita Young’s house, they rang the bell and she went into a panic which landed her in hospital. The girls felt bad and decided to pay the hospital bill. Wanita wanted more and sued for a further $900 and actually won the case.

Homeless man vs His parents

Ridiculous Lawsuits Heard

Parents beware, if you neglect your child, he or she might turn around and sue you for neglect. At least, that is what Bernard Bey did to his parents. He ran away at the tender age of 12 and had a tough life of poverty. He then sued his parents for emotional neglect. He was suing them for a whopping $200 000, but he also wanted 2 Domino’s pizza franchises thrown into the deal. He basically wanted to sue them to give them a career. The weird thing is that he would drop the lawsuit if he could sit down with them and have dinner.