The Most Creative Halloween Costumes


Down memory lane

Game lovers would testify how technology has evolved from toys like the cowboy. As children, toys were the games of the day until you outgrew and up your game to something else. Today we have e-games on our phones, computers, and other devices. It could be some of us preserved our favorite toys and now that we are teenagers, youth, or beyond 35, the toys can only be classified as vintage. The little green men were favorite toys for many people and the toys were passed down to our younger brothers and sisters, cousins, and friends. This costume is a good reminder of the good toy time. The person who created them might have kept some in his garage for many years.

The heights of love

We see portraits of famous people in every major town and city. The national portrait gallery is full of faces of presidents and people who made a difference in the growth of each state. It is the same for our houses. We hang portraits on walls as reminders of people we love. We can give a story for each, whether it forms a good memory or a sad one. One man loved his family and looked for a way to keep their memory forever. Instead of photos, he turned them into trophies as a sign of his love for them. He even made bases for their feet and inscribed their favorite work. This photo is a testimony of the heights that love can go.