The Most Creative Halloween Costumes


A ratty chef

Inspiration precedes creativity. Some costumes are made from story characters who didn’t exist physically. The costume makes the situation look so real. One situation is where a chimp is seen commanding a young guy to do chores that made him feel gross. The chimp was not real but only an imagination. In this photo, the ratatouille seems to have come back to life and taken control of things around here. The chef seems to have no say on the mind-controlling moves by the rat. He could be the one controlling the size of the sips he takes from this glass. Maybe this guy may borrow a leave from the rat and begin establishing his restaurant before someone else grabs the idea.

The night dance away

Several Halloween costumes will only scare in the darkness. It is like they are built to work like bats that only fly in the darkness. They could have wings or tentacles and long ears so that the wearer becomes a really scary ghost. Some fluorescent light may help increase their visibility and a taste of bright colors will do justice. You may add to the taste and be viewed like a deep-sea monster that suddenly popped up out of the blues. That’s scary. What do you make out of this bright-colored lady who chose a Jellyfish costume? I’m not sure if she was jelly herself, but it was easy noticing the wearer who was bright like the bright colored jellyfish.