The Most Creative Halloween Costumes


I am the boss here

A costume of power is a good fit, especially when there is none to scare. You choose the right colors and the right platform to scare away those who oppose you. Next, choose your subordinate, who only acts under duress. The game quickly changes once on the prime dais and your subordinate becomes your boss. A lady decided to elevate her baby to the presidential office. Her baby, like a boss, stood on the respected dais ready to give a speech. The da! Da! Da! and ma! Ma! Na! became the historical speech by this baby. Her mother could only act as the bodyguard and receive instructions from her boss. No wonder the baby gained the name baby boss to ‘trump’ everything else.

Yes, my lady

The game of costumes continues getting interesting. What about a costume that displays duke ship and royal ness? There is a story of a legendary queen who loved colors. She classified the colors into two: The royal and non-royal. The queen needed to display authority that her subjects bowed down at her coughing. Beyond colors, she lover ornaments too and would have an array of ornaments to make the costume look expensive. What else would a queen wear? This lady was inspired by the game of thrones and she designed a costume that displayed her as the queen, without doubt, thanks to her queenly figure. The costume shall be relevant beyond this season. I hope she envisions becoming the next queen.