The Most Creative Halloween Costumes


Singing the rain song

Some costumes hilariously create an illusion and only intelligent minds can solve the riddle. You can create a false image of yourself and people might believe to be true until they see the real you. It is astonishing how photos and software create illusions. I saw someone who took a photo as he sat on the moon. Another one was seated in the middle of the ocean, not on a boat, though, but barely on water. He must have a good memory of the biblical Jesus who walked on water. This guy decided to take a stormy walk in the broad summer heat. He can hardly against the rushing wind, yet he needs to get home in time. I suggest he gets appointed as the meteorological head.

The network nightmare

Sometimes we find ourselves clinging onto things that we dearly love and forget there is a limit to everything. If you hold onto an egg too much, the chances are that you will break it, leaving you with no option but to let it go. We have certain clothes we love and we can be tempted to wear them several times a week. Though newer fashion could be available in the market, we tend to hold on to the older one until we outgrow it and realize it’s time to let go and move on to a new one. These two guys are a good reminder that we have to let go of issues we think are precious, yet time has already overtaken them.