The Most Creative Halloween Costumes


Protect your treasure

There are things we value and would do anything to protect them. For example, you will protect your pricey mirror so that it doesn’t break. You hide your expensive cologne in a place where you are at peace with its safety. You don’t display the gold and other precious stones you have in your house anywhere, but you keep them in your secret room. It is the same with money. You keep it in a very safe place because it’s precious. This woman did the right thing. She made a costly costume to protect her precious child growing in her womb. She deserves recognition for her creativity. What kind of a costume would you make to protect what you treasure most?

In hope of life

Our desire stretches us to high levels of imagination. There are things we own today and sometimes we feel we want to see them around forever, even when they are gone. That’s why we take our cars for overhaul, repainting, or panel beating because we want to see them on the road eternally. The Egyptians would embalm their dead to preserve them for a long in the hope that they might one day rise. They would go further and provide them with plenty of food during burial so that they could have enough during their journey. This costume was created in memory of Walt Disney who’s rumored that he froze himself in cryo-conditions in the hope of returning to life one day.