Why Is Yahoo Mail So Slow: How to Fix Slow Message Loading in Yahoo Mail

    Have you tried to check your Yahoo mail in recent times and it just takes like forever for your mails to load? This can be very frustrating especially if all you want to do is to glance through your mailbox quickly. You are not alone if you experience this. A lot of people out there are experiencing the same. This post will provide tips on how to fix the issue in no time. 

    why is yahoo mail slow

    Why Is Yahoo Mail So Slow

    The reason your Yahoo mail is so slow is that your web browser may not have been cache enabled. As a result of the new email browser update from Yahoo, web browsers that don’t have caching enabled will most likely slow down the loading speed of Yahoo mail. Also, your internet speed could be another cause of why Yahoo mail is slow. Read further to know possible solutions to this issue. 

    How to Fix Slow Message Loading in Yahoo Mail

    Check Internet Connection

    As mentioned earlier, the cause of the slow message loading in Yahoo mail could be as a result of slow internet. Check your internet connection to ensure it is fast enough. You can use this site to test your internet speed. 

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